Kelsey Plum Net Worth 2024


As one of the most prominent figures in women’s basketball, Kelsey Plum has made a name for herself with her exceptional skills and dedication to the sport. Her journey from a college basketball player to a professional athlete in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) has been nothing short of inspiring. This article delves into the projected net worth of Kelsey Plum in 2024, taking into account her current earnings, endorsements, and potential future income.

Estimated Net Worth:$5 million
Born:August 24, 1994
Country of Origin:United States
Source of Wealth:Professional Basketball Player, Endorsements

Early Life and Career

Kelsey Plum was born on August 24, 1994, in Poway, California. She developed a passion for basketball at a young age and pursued her dream of becoming a professional player. Her talent and hard work paid off when she was drafted as the first overall pick by the San Antonio Stars in the 2017 WNBA draft.

Professional Career and Achievements

Plum’s professional career has been marked by numerous achievements. She holds the record for the most points in a single season in NCAA history and was named the Naismith College Player of the Year in 2017. In the WNBA, she has continued to impress with her performance and dedication to the sport.

Current Earnings

As of 2021, Kelsey Plum’s salary from her professional basketball career is estimated to be around $117,500 per year. This figure is based on the WNBA’s salary cap, which was increased significantly in 2020 as part of a new collective bargaining agreement. However, it’s worth noting that this is just a fraction of her total income.

Endorsements and Other Sources of Income

Like many professional athletes, Plum also earns a significant amount of money from endorsements. She has signed deals with several major brands, including Nike and BodyArmor. These endorsements not only provide additional income but also increase her visibility and marketability, which could lead to more lucrative deals in the future.


While the details of Plum’s investments are not publicly available, it’s common for professional athletes to invest their earnings in various ventures. These investments can provide a significant source of income and increase their net worth over time.

Charitable Work

Plum is also known for her charitable work. She has been involved in various charitable activities and organizations, which, while not directly contributing to her net worth, enhance her public image and could potentially lead to more endorsement opportunities.

Future Earnings Potential

Looking ahead, Plum’s earnings potential remains high. With her talent and marketability, she is likely to continue earning a significant income from her professional career and endorsements. Additionally, her investments and other business ventures could also contribute to her net worth.

Projected Net Worth in 2024

Considering all these factors, Kelsey Plum’s net worth is projected to be around $5 million by 2024. This estimate takes into account her current earnings, potential future income from endorsements and investments, and the general growth trend of her net worth over the past few years.


In conclusion, Kelsey Plum has made a significant impact in the world of women’s basketball. Her talent, dedication, and marketability have not only earned her a successful professional career but also a substantial net worth. With her continued success on and off the court, her net worth is projected to reach around $5 million by 2024. However, it’s important to note that these are just estimates, and her actual net worth could be higher or lower depending on various factors, including her career trajectory, endorsement deals, investments, and other sources of income.

The net worth figures and related information presented here are derived from a variety of public sources. These figures should not be regarded as definitive or fully accurate, as financial positions and valuations are subject to change over time.
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