ERIC SINGER: Sworn In As Honorary Texas Cop

Eric Singer was honored with the gesture by the police department in Wharton, Texas. Just before the band’s concert on Monday in Houston, Eric was sworn in as an honorary corporal by the police department in Wharton. Dressed in the recognizable costume with The Catman makeup Eric met the police chief Terry David Lynch who was wearing a Kiss t-shirt. In his pledge, Eric accepted the lifetime position, a custom box with the department’s insignia, and a formal letter from the chief.

Chief’s letter to Singer:

“On behalf of Chief Terry David Lynch and the men and women of the Wharton Police Department, we appoint you to the rank of Honorary Corporal with our department, in grateful acknowledgment of the honor and respect you show all of America’s dedicated law enforcement heroes and their families.

The Corporal badge presented to you today has been selflessly worn by many within our department and today, it begins a new chapter with you. We ask that you display it proudly as it represents our commitment to protect those who call on us in times of danger, and in remembrance of the nearly 24,000 officers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice since 1791.”

‘’As a profession, we are grateful, and as a Department, we are humbled to have Eric Singer as a member of our family in blue.’’

“Heroes get remembered, but Legends never die.”

It was a nice and touching moment for both, and Eric is beyond grateful to receive such an honor.